NHL Team Totals Betting


NHL Team Totals Betting is another popular way of betting on the NHL. With NHL Teams Total Betting you bet on how many goals a particular team will score in a game. You are not betting on the total goals scored in a game but just the goals for the team that you choose. The sportsbook will set a total for the team (usually 2.5 goals or 3 goals) and you have to decide if that team will score more or less than the posted number. For example, let`s assume the Leafs were playing and the sportsbook set a team total for the Leafs of 2.5 goals. If you thought the Leafs were going to score 3 goals or more you could choose the OVER. If you thought the Leafs were going to score 2 goals or less you could choose the UNDER. These are great bets to make because it doesn't matter what the other team does. You are only betting on the outcome of one team. Proline does not offer NHL Team Totals betting.


Where Can I Bet NHL Team Totals Online?


The following online sportsbooks offer NHL team totals betting.


Bodog Canada (-115 team totals sides, straight bets only, odds posted on game day)


5 Dimes Sportsbook (-110 team totals sides, parlays allowed, odds posted on game day)


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