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One of the many questions we get is can you play Proline online? If you live in Ontario, Alberta, or Saskatchewan you cannot play Proline online. Recently provinces such as BC, Quebec, and Manitoba have started offering Proline betting online but surprisingly Ontario and Alberta have yet to follow suit. Ontario recently launched their online gambling website PlayOLG but it does not offer Proline betting. There are rumours that Proline will be available online in Ontario in the future but it has not yet been confirmed.


Update: OLG Proline in Ontario have finally announced that they will be offering an online sports betting platform called Proline Plus (+)


However, if you live in Canada and want to bet sports online you have a few options. One of the most popular online sports betting destinations for Canadians is Bodog Canada.


Where can you place your Proline sports bets online?


Canadians can make sports bets online at Bodog Canada. Here is some info about Bodog.


-Bodog Canada has a great reputation for NEVER missing a payout since 1994.


-Bodog is currently offering a 100% sign-up bonus.


-Bodog offers much better odds than Proline does.


-Here are Bodog Canada's odds:

MLB Odds | NHL Odds | NFL Odds | NBA Odds | Soccer Odds | UFC Odds | CFB Odds


-At Bodog Canada you can bet on a single game or up to twelve games.


-Bodog Canada offers UFC Betting (unlike OLG Proline).


-Bodog offers prop bets on every NHL, NBA & NFL game and has a wide variety of bets to choose from like NFL teasers, NHL team totals bets, 1st half or 1st period bets, and many more.


-Bodog also offers the option of playing in their online poker room or online casino all from the same account.


-At Bodog you can easily deposit and withdraw funds to and from your bank account.


Make Proline Sports Bets Online & Get a 100% Bonus


What Provinces Can You Play Proline Online?


Currently you still cannot play or buy Proline online in Ontario, Alberta, or Saskatchewan. If you live in British Columbia or Manitoba you can play and buy Proline online at If you live in Quebec you can play and buy Proline or Mise-O-Jeu online at Espacejeux and if you live in any of the Atlantic Provinces you can make Proline bets online at the Proline Stadium website


All Canadians can make Proline sports bets online via an online sportsbook.


One of the most popular online sportsbooks for Canadian bettors is Bodog Canada.


Bet Sports Online & Receive a 100% Bonus


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