Proline Betting Tips



There is no secret trick or tip that will guarantee that you will win on Proline or sports betting.


There are a few Proline Betting Tips that will help you win more often. Here are a few of them.


Bet Fewer Games: On Proline you need to bet on a minimum of three games. You are better off betting on the minimum number of games required. Try betting on just three games and putting more money on the three games that you like the most. To further increase your chances of winning you can bet on single games at an online sportsbook like Bodog Canada.


Do Your Homework: Stats and trends do matter when making Proline bets. If a team has lost 5 games in a row and they are favoured in the game you probably shouldn't be betting on them. And you always want to know if any of the star players are hurt, who the starting goaltenders are, and what the weather is like for MLB betting. Below you can find a sports betting Match Up Tool that puts all the relevant sports betting info you need all in one place.



Proline Sports Betting Matchups Tool