Proline Props



What are sports props?


Props (short for propositions) in sports betting usually refer to the outcome of a particular event within a game as opposed as to the outcome of the game itself. Some examples of sports props are: Will Tom Brady throw for more than or less than 300 yards? Will Adrian Peterson rush for more than or less than 100 yards? Will Alexander Ovechkin have more than or less than 5 shots on goal?



How does props betting with Proline work?


Proline provides Pro Picks Props cards for a single game usually with about 10 props or so for that particular game. You must choose either an Over or Under outcome for 3-6 of the props listed on the Proline Pro Picks Props Card. The payout is based on the odds times your bet just like it is for a regular Proline ticket.


Downside of Betting Props On Proline:


Again they force you to bet at least three games. They do not let you bet on just one prop. So if there is one prop bet in a game that you really like you are forced to bet at least two more props with it. Making one correct pick at a time is difficult enough rather than trying to pick 4 or 5.


The Proline odds for their Pro Pick Props are terrible. You are betting on 50/50 outcomes yet you are only getting odds of 1.6 to 1.8. If it were completely fair you should get odds of 2.0 for both sides of the Prop. Nobody offers these odds. Las Vegas and online sportsbooks offer from 1.87 to 1.91 odds for both outcomes of Props and they let you bet single games.



Where Can I Bet Sports Props Online?


Bodog Canada is a great for Prop betting. They let you bet single games and their odds are much higher than what Proline offers for its Props. Plus, Bodog Canada offers Props for every NFL and NHL game whereas Proline picks and chooses the games in which they offer props on.