Proline Hockey Odds Compared To The Las Vegas Odds



The 2011-12 NHL Season has started so we decided to take a close look at Proline's hockey odds. How do the Proline hockey odds stack up to the Las Vegas hockey odds used by online sportsbooks? On the opening night of the 2011-12 NHL season there are 3 games. Here are their odds:


Game #1: NHL; Philadelphia Flyers (V) at Boston Bruins (H)


Proline Odds:                                                   Sportsbook (Bodog) Odds


Visitor Home Over Under   Visitor Home Over Under
2.00 1.55 1.90 1.55   2.20 1.71 2.1 1.77


Game #2: NHL; Montreal Canadiens (V) at Toronto Maple Leafs (H)


Proline Odds:                                            Sportsbook (Bodog) Odds:

Visitor Home Over Under   Visitor Home Over Under
1.90 1.60 1.80 1.60   1.91 1.91 2.10 1.77


Game #3: NHL; Pittsburgh Penguins (V) at Vancouver Canucks (H)


Proline Odds:                                             Sportsbook (Bodog) Odds:

Visitor Home Over Under   Visitor Home Over Under
2.10 1.50 1.60 1.80   2.35 1.65 2.10 1.77


Every single odd at Bodog Canada is higher than Proline's odds!

Let's assume we purchased a $25 six game Proline ticket with the following proline picks:

The Bruins to Win & the Over; The Leafs to win & the Over; The Canucks to Win & the Over

Our Proline ticket would pay: 1.55*1.90*1.60*1.80*1.50*1.60*$25=$508.90

Let's assume we placed a bet with these same outcomes at Bodog Canada.

That same bet at Bodog Canada would pay: 1.71*2.10*1.91*2.10*1.65*2.10*$25=$1,247.70


In this example Proline is shorting you over $700 from a single $25 bet.


Over an entire season you can lose thousands of dollars by betting the NHL with Proline.



Where can I place NHL bets online?


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