Proline Pro Picks & Proline Pools


What is the payout percentage for OLG Proline Pools?


All Proline Pro Picks or Proline Pools have a set payout of just 60%. So if the weekly NFL Pro Picks Pool takes in $1,000,000 (this is not an exaggeration) Proline would pay out $600,000 to the players and keep $400,000 for themselves. Enough said.



An alternative to Proline Pools that has a higher payout is Fantasy Sports for real money. FanDuel offers real money one-day Fantasy contests in which you can win thousands of dollars off of just a few bucks. And unlike Proline they do not keep 40% of the prize pool. They payout around 86-87% of the prize pool back to the players (not 60% like Proline). Get more information here:



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