NFL Proline Odds & Betting



When it comes to betting on NFL (or any sport) with Proline you are at a disadvantage for many reasons. First off, the NFL Proline odds are much lower than the actual las vegas odds offered by online sportsbooks.


Plus, the NFL Proline Odds do not allow you to bet on the moneyline (or straight up winners). When you pick a NFL team to win on Proline they must win by 4 points or more. If the game is decided by 3 points or less the game is considered a tie. The same applies for basketball betting. Your team has to win by 6 points or more or it is considered a tie. Plus, Proline does not offer NBA Betting, UFC Betting, or over / under betting for Soccer.


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Throw in the fact that you must bet a minimum of three games on OLG Proline and add that to the three outcomes (visitor, home, and tie) and bad odds and it is extremely difficult (some say impossible) to win betting with Proline.


Proline Point Spread Odds


Of course you have the option of Proline Point Spread betting. But the Proline Point Spread Odds are so low it is not advisable to bet Proline Spreads. Here is a chart comparing the point spread odds to real online sportsbook point spread odds. As you can see the Proline odds are much lower.


# Games Proline Odds Sportsbook Odds
2 2.00 3.65
3 5.00 6.97
4 10.00 13.31
5 20.00 25.42
6 35.00 48.55
7 75.00 92.73
8 150.00 177.12
9 300.00 338.30
10 400.00 646.15
11 600.00 1234.15
12 1000.00 2357.22


Proline Pools or Pro Picks Odds


And lastly you can choose to bet on the Proline Pro Picks or Proline Pools. However, we do not recommend this either as the payouts for the Proline Pro Picks or Pools seem really low to us. Proline pays out only 60% of the money they take in for its Pro Picks or Pools.


NFL Proline Pool Payouts & Results | 2016-17 Season


Our suggestion is that you choose a reputable online sportsbook and place your NFL bets there. This way you give yourself a much better chance at winning.


Bet on NFL Games & Receive a 100% Bonus!