What Does the H+ and V+ Mean in Proline Betting?


For Proline betting "H" stands for the home team and "V" stands for the visiting team. So if you choose the H option on Proline you are choosing the home team to win. When you choose the "H+" option on Proline the team you choose must win by 2 points or more in hockey and baseball and by 8 points or more in football. If you bet H+ on Proline and the team only wins by 1 then you lose that bet. Obviously betting the "H+" and "V+" is more difficult than betting just the "H" or "V" outcomes and as a result you receive higher odds and a higher payout for betting the Home+ and Visitor+ options.



Should You Bet The Home+ and Visitor+ Options on Proline?


No, you should not bet the H+ and V+ options on Proline. The Proline odds for the H and V options are low but the odds for the H+ and V+ options are ridiculously low. Betting on a hockey team to win by two goals or more is much harder than people realize. Empty net goals in hockey are much less frequent than what most people realize. Let's compare Proline's H+ Odds to an online sportsbook's H+ odds to see just how low they are. Below are the actual Proline odds and Bodog Canada odds from three hockey games on October 22, 2011.


Game #1: The San Jose Sharks (V) at The Boston Bruins (H)

The Proline H+ Odd for this game is 2.20. The Bodog H+ odd for this game is 3.05.


Game #2: The Minnesota Wild (V) at The Vancouver Canucks (H)

The Proline H+ Odd for this game is 1.80. The Bodog H+ odd for this game is 2.40.


Game #3: The Nashville Predators (V) at The Calgary Flames (H)

The Proline H+ Odd for this game is 2.00. The Bodog H+ odd for this game is 3.00.


As you can see the H+ Proline Odd is lower than Bodog Canada's H+ Odd for every single game.

Let's assume you purchased a 3 game $25 Proline Ticket with the 3 H+ options above.

Your Proline ticket would pay 2.20*1.80*2.00*$25 = $198


Let's assume we made that same bet at Bodog Canada.

At Bodog Canada that same ticket would pay 3.05*2.40*3.00*25 = $549


From a single $25 ticket Proline is shorting you $351.