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What Is Proline Fantasy?


Proline Fantasy is a new game from Proline Stadium (for Atlantic Provinces only). Instead of betting on which team will win the game (Proline moneyline betting) or how many points or goals will be scored in a game (Proline totals betting) players have the option of betting on fantasy propositions. Proline Fantasy is similar to Proline Props betting with a bit of a twist. With Proline Fantasy instead of betting on a single event you are given a fantasy group to bet on. Each fantasy group has 3-7 players in it and you have to choose one player from that group who you think will have the most passing yards, rushing yards, goals, or whatever the designated outcome is (which Proline provides). Each player in a group will have an odd designated to them. Proline Fantasy players must choose between 2-5 fantasy groups. You times the odds of the players you choose together with the odds of your bet to determine how much you could win. Proline Fantasy can be played online or at a retail outlet.


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Our Thoughts On Proline Fantasy


Again Proline is forcing you into picking from multiple outcomes. In many sports Proline forces you to choose between home, visitor, or tie. In Proline Fantasy they are forcing you to choose between as many as 7 players. And you have to pick at least two fantasy groups. This may sound like fun but this is no easy task. This is extremely difficult to win at.

We prefer to bet on single events that have two outcomes with fair odds or compete against other players (not the house). This way you have a chance of winning money consistently. So instead of picking a player from a group we would suggest betting on a player prop with just two outcomes. For example, we would rather bet on Tom Brady to throw for OVER or UNDER 300 yards with odds of 1.91 for each outcome. Picking players from groups of 5 or more is just too difficult.


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Alternative To Proline Fantasy


Fanduel is offering real money Fantasy Sports. All Fantasy Sports games are daily contests with the winner(s) collecting their prizes every day and you compete against other real players. Because the contests are daily you don't have to wait till the end of the season to collect your winnings and you can start playing at any point in the season. They have daily Fantasy Sports leagues for the NFL, NHL, MLB, & NBA. Fanduel also has fun leagues that you can try for free.


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Can I Bet Proline Fantasy Online?


Bodog Canada offers betting similar to Proline Fantasy and they give you much better odds and give you way more options. And Bodog Canada offers fantasy props for every NHL and NFL game and other sports too.