Mise-O-Jeu Predictions


Mise-O-Jeu Predictions are the sports pools offered in the province of Quebec by Lotto Quebec. They cost $5 each and you have to pick the straight up winners for all the games listed on the pool. The person(s) with the most correct picks takes most of the prize pool. The person(s) with the second most correct picks also win a small prize. The only problem with Mise-O-Jeu Predictions is that they don't pay out a large percentage of the prize pool. Mise-O-Jeu Predictions only pay out about 60% of the money they take in from the pools which is completely ridiculous. And you still cannot make your bets online for Mise-O-Jeu Predictions. You can make your picks online and print out your Mise-O-Jeu ticket but you still have to bring it to a Lotto Quebec retailer. Due to Mise-O-Jeu Predictions low pay out percentage and its inconvenience we give it a thumbs down. No need to play Mise-O-Jeu Predictions.



Mise-O-Jeu Alternative


The best alternative to Mise-O-Jeu is a reputable online sportsbook.

Our favorite online sportsbooks is Bodog Sportsbook for many reasons:

-Bodog has a great reputation for NEVER missing a payout and has been online since 1994.

-Bodog offers an instant 10% sign up bonus. Mise-O-Jeu has no sign up bonus.

-Bodog offers much better odds than Mise-O-Jeu does.

-At Bodog you can choose to bet on a single game or up to twelve games.

-Bodog offers prop bets on every NHL & NFL game and has a wide variety of bets to choose from like NFL teasers, NHL team totals bets, 1st half or 1st period bets, and many more.

-Bodog also offers the option of playing in their online poker room or online casino all from the same account.

-At Bodog Sportsbook depositing and withdrawing funds are hassle free.