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What is Proline Plus (+)?

Learn more about Ontario's new online gaming platform Proline Plus (+) here: Proline Plus (+) Review


What is Proline?


Proline is the Ontario government run sports lottery. Every Canadian province has a Proline.  In BC they have or Sports Action, in the West they have Sport Select, and on the East Coast it is called Proline Stadium. They are all very similar with subtle differences.



OLG Proline Odds

The overwhelming reason OLG Proline Sucks is due to the betting odds offered. The Proline odds are so bad that many experts say it is virtually impossible to win at Proline over the long run. Of course there are always the select few that will get extremely lucky and win a large amount and come out ahead. I guess that is why it is called a sports “lottery”. The only way you are going to win is by extreme luck. Let’s take a look at an example of some Proline odds and compare them to some real odds. Below are actual Proline odds and Sportsbook odds (from Bodog Canada) for a MLB, NHL, and Soccer game from May 10, 2011.


Game #1: MLB; Boston Red Sox (V) at Toronto Blue Jays (H)


Proline Odds:


Visitor Home Over Under
1.60 2.00 1.60 1.80

Sportsbook (Bodog) Odds:


Visitor Home Over Under
1.64 2.46 1.83 2.00


Game #2: NHL; San Jose Sharks (V) at Detroit Red Wings (H)


Proline Odds:


Visitor Home Over Under
2.00 1.50 1.60 1.80


Sportsbook (Bodog) Odds:


Visitor Home Over Under
2.20 1.71 1.91 1.91


Game #3: Soccer; Tottenham at Manchester City


Proline Odds:


Visitor Tie Home
3.80 3.00 1.80


Sportsbook (Bodog) Odds:


Visitor Tie Home
4.35 3.54 1.95



Let's assume we bought a 5 game $25 proline ticket with

-The Toronto Blue Jays to win and the OVER

-The Detroit Red Wings to win and the OVER

-Tottenham vs. Manchester City to Tie

(We can't bet the total in the soccer game as Proline does not offer Totals betting for Soccer)


Our Proline odds are 2.00 * 1.60 * 1.50 * 1.60 * 3 = 23.04 * $25 = $576

Our Proline will return $576.

Let's assume we placed a bet on the same 5 games at Bodog Canada.

The Sportsbook odds are 2.46 * 1.83 * 1.71 * 1.91 * 3.54 = 52.05 * $25 = $1,301

The same 5 game ticket (parlay) would pay $1,301 at Bodog Canada.

So with Proline you would win $576 when in reality you should be winning $1,301.


In this particular example your Proline ticket would pay $725 less than it would pay at an online sportsbook.


And don’t forget the real odds are still slightly in favour of the sportsbooks. But apparently the small edge the sportsbooks have is not enough for Proline.


Learn How To Bet Sports Online by Clicking Here: Proline Alternative


How Do I Sign-Up and Place a Bet at an Online Sportsbook?


1. First you have to choose an online sportsbook such as Bodog Canada. Simply click on any link above and it will take you to that online sportsbooks website. All sportsbooks listed above are the best of the best and we can tell you from personal experience that if you win you will get paid.

2. Next you have to create an account at the sportsbook. Let's assume you choose Bodog Canada. Click on the join button in the top right of the Bodog website. Fill in your name, address, and e-mail address, then create a password and you are ready to go. It is that easy.

3. To make a real money bet you have to fund your online sportsbook account. There are various ways of doing so. The easiest way to fund your sportsbook account is with Bodog Canada and their Interact e-Transfer deposit option. All you need is an online banking account. Bodog also accepts deposits via Credit Card and online banking BillPay. Full details at Bodog Canada.

4. Now that your account is funded, click on the sport of your choice from the betting menu, select the team(s) you wish to bet on, and hope that your team(s) wins.


Compare the Proline Odds for Point Spreads to the Real Point Spread Odds Here:


Proline Odds For Point Spreads


Other Reasons Why Proline is Not as Good as Online Sportsbooks?

Proline will not let you bet single games. You have to bet a minimum of three games on Proline.

Proline has the tie rule for many of its sports. In football your team has to win by 4 points or more or it is considered a tie, In basketball your team has to win by 6 points or more or it is a tie. We feel this further reduces your chances of winning.

Proline does not offer NFL or CFL moneyline (or straight up) betting.

Proline does not offer NBA betting in Ontario.

Proline does not offer Over / Under betting for Soccer games.

Proline does not offer UFC or any MMA betting compared to Bodog Canada that offers a bunch of betting options for every single UFC fight.

Proline's selection of odds are limited at best. Proline does not offer teasers, first half bets, halftime betting, live betting, team total betting, NHL regulation time betting, 1st period betting, 1st quarter betting, etc...

Proline Pro Picks or Proline Pools only pay out 60% of the money they take in.

Have you ever put a winning Proline ticket through the wash rendering it useless? Or have you ever had your winning Proline ticket get blown out of your hand on a windy day. It happens.

When you pick a 6 game proline ticket and go 5 for 6 you should be making money, not crumpling up your ticket in disgust.


Learn How To Bet Sports Online by Clicking Here: Proline Alternative