Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it true that Proline has some advantages over online sports betting?


People will argue that Proline has some advantages. For example:

-Proline is convenient in that you can buy them at your local store.

With sportsbooks you can make wagers from the comfort of your home any time of the day or anywhere there is an internet connection. Most sportsbooks even accept wagers by telephone and have aps so you can make wagers via cel phone.

-You like having cash in your hand the next day If you win.

This use to be valid point years ago but it is becoming less and less of a factor.
With E-wallets like Instadebit and Moneybookers people can receive their winnings within 1-4 days.
This is slightly longer than Proline but wouldn’t you rather wait a few days in exchange for getting better odds.

-Proline is safe and secure.

Yes, Proline is safe but as long as you stick with the big well known sportsbooks that have been around for years they are equally as safe. There are sportsbooks out there to rip people off but there are also many sportsbooks out there that are reputable companies as well. Find a list of Reputable Sportsbooks here > Recommended Online Sportsbooks.

The main advantage reputable online sportsbooks have over proline is that they give you better odds.


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